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Workshops offer the opportunity to deepen your study of yoga and related topics. Please take advantage of these limited time opportunities. Yoga workshops count toward Yoga Alliance continuing education requirements and in some cases count as KHYF Continuing Education Units.

The Yoga of Pranayama
Yoga study is not complete without the exploration and experience of Pranayama. The conscious regulation of breath is one of yoga’s most powerful tools to purify and discipline body and mind. However, it is also a subtle practice, so one must be cautious and knowledgeable in it’s application to fully benefit. Pranayama used the wrong way can create potential for harm.
This workshop will aim to give students or teachers the tools needed to apply the practice safely and will specifically focus on:

The Power of Owning Your Yoga
Yoga practice tailored to your unique needs. The combination of asana (postures) with breath, sound, mudra, and meditation can create a deeper relationship to your spiritual core.
This experiential workshop will provide tools to help you transcend the physical realms and connect you more fully to yourself. In this weekend program, you will learn:
· To consciously integrate the breath as a way to deepen the effect of asana
· How to influence the mind through pranayama techniques
· The use of chant and gesture (mudras) to enhance the spiritual reflection
in your practice.
Discover how all these powerful tools can support your journey toward meditation. As T.K.V. Desikachar says in his book The Heart of Yoga, “Yoga serves the individual and does so through inviting transformation rather than by giving information.”

Discovering The Inner Limbs Of Yoga
Meditation Workshop
Meditation is an important part of a mature and deepening yoga practice. Yoga provides many tools to move the mind in a chosen direction through practices that are at once profound, accessible and easily integrated into daily life. Using the tools of Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Gesture, and Visualization, we will explore the theory and practice of meditation from the yoga tradition.
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra
Through the traditional method of listening and repeating, learn to chant selected sutras from the four books of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. Step by step instruction will provide skills in basic chanting techniques, Sanskrit pronunciation, and the reading of standard transliteration. The sutras selected for study will be most relevant to meditation.

The Art of Personal Yoga Practice
For those of us who love attending yoga class, teach yoga or just want to learn more about yoga…
This workshop is for YOU.
We will explore

  • The different energetic qualities of practice
  • Yoga tools (breath, movement, sound & meditations) that serve our needs
  • Learn to develop a short practice to do at home
  • Refine understanding of how to sequence postures
  • How to deal with stress & maintain well-being

All Students Welcome!
Evolution of Yoga Practice
Enhance & deepen your existing practice or begin with a firm foundation of yoga principles.
We will focus on:

  • Examining asana adaptations to encourage attentiveness & extend physical capabilities.
  • Breathing techniques to facilitate specific effects & support healing.
  • Integrating asana, pranayama, sound & meditation as a true inner experience.

Introduction to Course Planning: Asana
Asana practice and its benefits are most effective when it is part of an intelligent sequence process. The process must respect the abilities of the individual as well as the goal of the practice. “Vinyasa” is a concept that applies to all tools of yoga, either when practiced individually or combined.
A strong foundation of this concept is recommended for every teacher of yoga as well as serious practitioners so that effective and safe practices can evolve.

Personalizing Yoga Practice: Asana and Beyond
Intimately connect the practice of yoga to your personal goals through the science and art of sequencing. This refers not only to the order of postures, but also to the use of pranayama, sound, and meditation to create a coherent practice that transforms your intention into actuality. Skillfully arranging different elements of yoga practice results in an effective flow of energy and awareness that consistently supports your personal transformation.
This two-day experiential workshop will focus on moving from the body to your inner self. You will
Create and design sequences for a specific intention and learn how to adapt the sequences for therapeutic use
Experience different breathing techniques (pranayama) and the energetic effects they create
Go deeper into your practice with mantra, mudra, and meditation, actualizing the primary aim of yoga to quiet the mind and connect with your true nature.
Students and teachers at every level will leave with the tools needed to keep practices alive, dynamic, and individualized.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are the most important source text for yoga. Although yoga has been equated with “asana” and used mainly for exercise, the Yoga Sutras tell us that yoga is actually a mental discipline. He gives fascinating insight into the human mind and how it works. As students and teachers we can use this text to understand not just the practice of yoga, but ourselves. This workshop will highlight key sutras from book one and two. We will learn to chant the sutras and expound on their meaning and relevance for our study of yoga and ultimately our own spiritual transformation.

The Inner Journey – Yoga Beyond Asana

Transform, deepen and expand your practice by learning to combine asana, pranayama, chant, and mudra for your own inner journey. Practice will involve the integration of body, breath, and mind, leading us beyond the external to the internal. It is from this place we experience nourishing and healing stillness. Fran will also be available for private sessions before, during, and after the workshop. Please call 402-435-1254 to schedule an appointment or for further information about the workshop.

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Workshops offer the opportunity to deepen your study of yoga and related topics.

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